• Firewood0:56
  • The Return1:32
  • Fallin1:07
  • Love Duet1:38

Traditional Orchestral

Orchestral Jazz


  • In the Image of Peace2:33

  • Joe Bunn Requiem, 2nd Movement 3:53
  • Skittles & Tea 6:48



Sync Media

francis coates III

pianist & composer


Casting Notice (Short Film) from Marcus J. Thomas on Vimeo.

SYNOPSIS: A struggling actor receives an appealing proposition to appear in an adult film. Not exactly the breakout role he was hoping for, but with no other options being presented he must decide whether or not to accept the role.

  • Upbeat Jazz3:11
  • Upbeat Alternative0:44

  • Black Lives Matter Documentary1:31
  • Zimmerman Documentary 11:17

  • Search for a Jelly Donut, Part 25:37
  • The Warm Up3:01